Re-establishing Tusker 
as a cultural icon

Pivot SP has conceptualised, designed and managed an immersive Tusker brand experience that will be deployed in more than 1400 destinations across Kenya.



Tusker is fundamental to Kenya and is best known as the beer of choice for Kenyans.  The brand had to be re-established as the cultural icon that it is, having launched in market in 1922. We moved the brand from being perceived as “old” to being visible and relevant to the Kenya of today.

The project employed insights gained from research, focused to achieve brand connection. A brand experience was created through applying design and shopper psychology in the on-trade market. Existing outlets were branded to reflect the essence of the Tusker brand – bringing it to life and changing the environment from nondescript to highly engaging and social destinations.

Tusker reflects the Kenyan culture and Kenyan pride. It’s about people, friendship and togetherness.


Tusker brand assets were used to visually express the values of pride, friendship and togetherness, using the colours, shapes and textures of the country and the culture. They were used and applied to outlet signage, modular back-of-bar units, interior seating (including benches and conversation tables), TV cladding solutions, table talkers, modrails, modular illuminated wall panels, signage pylons, brand pillars, awnings, wall graphics and many more visibility items.

Implementation included:

Phase 1:

  • Roll-out from October 2016 to November 2017;
  • 846 outlets rebranded;
  • 18 unique products created;
  • 23 401 units produced;
  • App and web based platforms were developed and deployed to manage implementation and placement of assets.

Phase 2:

  • Roll-out from October 2017 to complete by November 2018;
  • 650 outlets to be re-branded;
  • 17 unique products created;
  • 5 735 units produced.