Making Smirnoff
“open to party”

Pivot SP created a unique Smirnoff experience in 70 outlets that amplified the brand’s heartbeat as the Vodka that “opens the party.”



Smirnoff is the “vodka for everyone” and is a brand that is “open to party,” yet it was not seen like that at all. It was recessive and tucked away.

With re-positioning the brand in a social context, it was easy to communicate the heartbeat of high energy and youth. Environments were carefully crafted around an enjoyable experience. It was made clear that this brand is casual and comfortable, gives permission to drink from plastic cups and it’s even better when enjoyed having loads of fun.


The Smirnoff brand assets were used to create a unique brand experience for consumers in outlets stretched across Kenya. Touchpoints included outlet signage, modular back-of-bar units, cocktail and conversational seating, DJ booths, wall mirrors, illuminated signs, wall graphics, modrails, snapframes and many more.

Implementation included:

  • Roll-out from October 2017 to complete in November 2018;
  • 70 outlets to be re-branded;
  • 18 unique products created;
  • 679 units produced;
  • App and web based platform developed and deployed to manage implementation and placement of assets.