Kenya Cane – the spirit of Kenya

Pivot SP created branded experiences in more than 670 destinations that 
amplified the brand as Kenya’s favourite spirit.



Kenya Cane is synonymous with Kenya and its people. The specific project brief was to re-claim Kenya Cane’s premium credentials and position it as “the spirit of Kenya.”

The design had to make the brand stand out and take ownership of its position in trade. It had to be made visible, connect with the people, and create social inclusiveness in on-trade environments. The spaces we created had to allow for people to feel comfortable and casual, yet progressive with a large focus on being current to include a younger market.


The Kenya Cane brand assets were used to create a unique brand experience for consumers in outlets stretched across Kenya. Touchpoints include outlet signage, modular back-of-bar units, interior seating (including benches and café/cocktail seating), TV cladding solutions, table talkers, wall mirrors, wall counters, light boxes, wall graphics, perfect serves, UHI chalkboards and many more.

Implementation included:

Phase 1:

  • Roll-out from October 2016 to November 2017;
  • 271 outlets rebranded;
  • 17 unique products created;
  • 4120 units produced;
  • App and web based platform developed and deployed to manage implementation and placement of assets.

Phase 2:

  • Roll-out from October 2017 to complete in November 2018;
  • 406 outlets to be re-branded;
  • 16 unique products created;
  • 3500 units produced.