Localising Guinness for Kenya

Pivot SP re-framed Guinness to be locally and culturally relevant, implementing a Guinness experience in more than 700 outlets in Kenya.



Guinness was not seen as relevant in the Kenyan market; it was perceived as a European brand with its roots being in Ireland. The aim of this project was to increase the Guinness footprint and make the brand relevant for Kenya, giving it a unique African flavour.

The Guinness “made of black” campaign was used to bring destinations to life. We used high energy visuals and bright colours that celebrate being uniquely Kenyan. Guinness in Africa and the “made of black” campaign is about “black being a mindset,” an attitude, and we created environments where Guinness drinkers dance to a different beat and write their own rules.


The Guinness brand assets were used to create a unique brand experience for consumers in outlets stretched across Kenya. Touchpoints included outlet signage, awnings, modular back-of-bar units, front bar signage, interior seating (including benches, couches and general seating), TV cladding solutions, table talkers, illuminated wall branding, solar light boxes, wall graphics, UHI chalkboards and many more.

Implementation included:

Phase 1:

  • Roll-out from October 2016 to November 2017;
  • 358 outlets rebranded;
  • 16 unique products created;
  • 7 305 units;
  • App and web based platform developed and deployed to manage implementation and placement of assets.

Phase 2:

  • Roll-out from October 2017 to complete in November 2018;
  • 364 outlets to be re-branded;
  • 19 unique products created;
  • 2 815 units produced.