Complex, large scale, brand retail – made easy

We take the complexity of large scale, high volume, global, long-term, CAPEX driven projects and turn them into seamlessly implemented, well managed, retail destination success stories.

About Pivot SP

We deliver return on investment in large scale, branded retail projects.

With our know-how and experience, we have created a business that provides a fully integrated, end-to-end implementation solution that delivers on commercial return on investment. We specialise in large scale, strategic capital investment projects.

We have seen the opportunity to help our clients make sense of complexity with smart thinking, smart design, smart planning and smart delivery.

Our Mission

Our business is built to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions for large scale projects. We do it with strategic thinking – addressing real problems; tailor-made solutions – localised for specific markets; smart delivery and execution – turning complexity into simplicity; and driving ROI – aligning opportunity with growth and long-term investment goals.

Our View

In an ever-changing retail world growth strategies have to deliver beyond mere product and campaign marketing metrics. Long-term, strategic investment is required to ensure market share and return on investment. Often opportunities are missed because of existing paradigms. We believe there are many such instances where we can help clients look at their business challenges in a new way.

When companies have to deploy CAPEX investment to realise growth, it implies executive decision making, long-term planning, high volume production and large scale implementation and roll-out. We believe that this is the future of many business and marketing challenges, and that it is an new way of unfolding value.

We identified this as an unexplored gap in the market. We’ve reacted to this by creating Pivot SP, since we’ve done this before and know how it works.

Our Values

We believe in working smart, being single-minded, adding value, ease of business, partnerships and delivering real ROI. We do not believe in lip-service and empty promises. We make things easier but we never compromise on delivering excellence.

We can only deliver on our values and our mission and what we set out to do through forging true partnerships with our clients and their teams.